Looking for latest Kangaroo Tutorial, could anyone give me some clue?

Hi, All.
I am reading ADD Algorithms, while when I come to the session for Kangaroo, it is outdated. Could anyone know the latest version or some books equivalent to this book?
When I read this page,
I found all those scripts are based on older version, it is very hard to explore with new version.
If any one knows, could you kindly share the infor ? Many thanks!

Hi @Flora,

I don’t personally own this book. It kinda was already outdated, when I got into Grasshopper and don’t know of any “good” general books about Grasshopper either.
If you specifically look for up-to-date Kangaroo 2 examples, check out Daniel Piker’s GirHub (he’s the developer) or search this discussion forum here for specific examples!

Judging from your reference image, would something like this be the outcome, a catenary that is?

catenary.gh (11.3 KB)

Hi, Diff.
Thanks for your reply~ :grinning:
I think your writing is exactly the result of the script I am reading about, and with a updated version ! I can overcome this obstacle now~
The book I know is very old :rofl:, perhaps outdated like 50%, still it offers newbie like me a systematic step from shallow to deep by its left half use, lol, since no other books can help.
Also, thanks for the resource you supplied. It surely will speed up my learning process :+1: