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Hello everyone! I have two problems that I have tried to solve and have not been able to. Could you give me a help? :slight_smile:

The first problem (Pic. N°1) I need to find the way in which the width of the blue square establishes the growth limit of the small squares. The latter grow proportionally to the width of the blue square.

The second problem (Pic. N°2) I need to solve the overlapping of squares. The three squares must move to the vertex of the small square (Pic. N°3) and, like the previous problem, the limit of the long rectangle must work as a limit for the large square.

I would be very grateful if you can give me ideas to solve it. Thank you very much forum!


If you want to get help on how to move squares, just leave the squares in the GH. People won’t recreate them or decipher your definition to try to dig them out.

Yes that’s quite a dense definition indeed.
But it looks like this is simple maths because you are building the pieces in order.

Picture 1 : size of the small square = (size of big blue square - width of central rectangle)/2.
Once this is done, Picture 2 :
size of square = (length of rectangle - size of small square)/3

Like this (added yellow groups)

I think you can really simplify the whole thing. What are those clusters doing there ?


This will keep the dimensions you set and cut the excess. Using Rectangle and Extrusion simplifies a lot.