Geometry Gym Revit, Elements change position after IFC-Import

Hi! I am currently testing the IFC-Import into Revit with Geometry Gym and got the problem that some elements changed their position after import. Did somebody have the same problem and knows a solution for that? I tried to change the import options but I did not find the right one. Thank you!

Hi Charlotte,

The most likely explanation for this to happpen, is when the same grasshopper script is used to generate different parts of the same model. The plugin generates a unique Id on each element, and when you import a different part of the model, the revit plugin identifies the existing element and modifies it.

If this makes sense, you can change the id pool for each part. Refer to this example script.
If this suggestion doesn’t make sense, we can troubleshoot.

180129 id (20.9 KB)