Geometry goes beyond the surface

Hi everyone,

I have some struggles with the geometry that it is not conforming to the surface. please see image bellow:

I am using the following code: (10.0 KB)

Any idea why?

thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

please internalize your initial geometry and re-upload the definition

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thank you for the reply. I rarely work with grasshopper. Still learning. I don’t know exactly what you mean or how to do it.

Where can I internalize my initial geometry?

thank you again in advance

Hi -

Right there:


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From the image it looks like you are mapping the pattern on a trimmed surface. Because a ‘trimmed’ surface is basically just a ‘visibility-mask’, the trimming outline has no effect on the mapping itself. If you want to map to a trimmed outline, you will need to create a surface above that target surface and modify its control-points to closer match the trimming outline. You can try to shrink the surface to the boundary, or you do that by pulling cps manually. In any case, you then normal project (pull) the voronoi curves onto your initial trimmed surface, and then you trim the borders.