Geodesic Fractal

Here some experiments Geodesic used with some classical fractal trees.

The initial idea came from @masaaki.miki,
and it is a sort of continuation from this discussion

I like a lot these simple complexity, here on a Chapiteau with paper material


love it @laurent_delrieu !!

I like it also a lot, but I’ll have to find a way to use it as a pattern for making a bowl or something like that. Something that could be laser cutted, then stamped.

@laurent_delrieu, you mean something you can laser cut on a 2D sheet that could further be fold onto a curved surface ? Is that even possible (or not to complex to acheive)…? Or will you make pieces that could be further assembled like you did in your small table exemple ?


I more think of things like that done by Nervous

You made them flat then stamp

Something like that


Reminds me of the Alessi Mediterraneo fruit bowls. :slight_smile:

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chapeau bas (or jaw dropped!)

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No I don’t want to share.

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