GenX Concept | HKV Studios

Concept Design work for HKV Studios. GenX SUV concept designed in Rhino 8, rendered in Keyshot 12.

Project link:


Overall I don’t mind the car :wink:
but if you take some advice (these are just personal opinions)

I like the seats, I see them as futuristic and ergonomic,
but they seem very very uncomfortable to me as they are made

In reverse, the locks for the seat belts,
they are really standard, they have nothing to do with everything else.

p.s. sorry for the nitpicking :+1:

No offense taken…part of our world. To your point some backstory:

I agree. Only that the scope of the project was to produce a “Generic SUV that hints on conceptual but is marketable as a 3D asset that resembles a standard modern SUV”. Hence the name “Gen X” or “Generic X”.

I had to use a lot of restraint based on this and an extremely short timeline for delivery. On this type of project, I was strictly going for the client’s wishes. My own personal approach within a different scope would be wildly different. My personal projects or projects that I’m given full control tend to display this much more.

In the end, this is an example of moments when you do strictly what the client wants, and in this is what they wanted.

Good feedback.

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I didn’t realize it was a project that had already been delivered, so all the more praise for sharing it. Following up on customer needs is never easy, I’m increasingly surprised when too much attention is paid to details which I don’t think affect the total.

when you create a project and deliver it it is already a success,
if that project produced good benefits, even better.

ps (all the rest is chatter) :+1:

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Top modeling :slight_smile:

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thanks @sciensman :slight_smile:

Testing dramatic lighting for the interior


If you’re open to sharing, how short was the timeframe from brief to delivery? Would you be able to share any viewport screenshots for us surfacing nerds?

Cheers, Vince

Unfortunately can’t share the CAD screen since it’s proprietary to the client (my work belongs to them).

Timeline wise, probably 2-3 weeks on the exterior and another 2 interior. From start to finish. Somewhere definitely beyond 160 hours crammed into late nights after my day job and managing other designs. So really about a months worth of time to do everything.

I mean defining sketches alone can take weeks or months. Let alone modeling and then rendering


That timeline is…bonkers. You’re a beast!!

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no sleep! :slight_smile: I try!

made a full switch from Keyshot to Twin motion. Re-rendered in Twin motion for testing and I admit I like the results better. (previous post was Keyshot)


Does Twinmotion have full featured automotive paint shaders? Flake, pearl, grain etc? Looking great!!

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Sure does :slight_smile: much easier than what I was used to. And pretty well rounded with options

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 3.21.43 PM


Oh jeez, that looks super legit! Paging @nathanletwory:wink: