Generating minimal surface join from multiple section curve

Hey everyone! I am curious if this is technically possible using just Kangaroo. Lets say if I have this joint coming from 6 square rod and I am interested in generating a 3D printed joint like the sketch I have to the right, what would be the most efficient way to do so? Somehow I can only imagine the joint with real life soap. I know how to generate minimal surface from mesh using kangaroo so does that mean I should create a mesh of the model I have to the right, setting anchors at the squares at the center and just let it work out? Thanks all!

p.s. the drawing I have to the right is not the most accurate since its more like a loft.
For discussion.3dm (230.6 KB)

Post a file, something like on your screenshot.

Posted! Thanks!

Do you need the square ends?

Have you tried Multipipe?

For (8.0 KB)

Alternative solution with Kangaroo

For (21.4 KB)

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Yar i reckon if its circle I can be created using plugin like this. I am however interested in if its a set of square rods.
Thanks for the reply tho! I will take a closer look

check the second file, requires a brep to start, but with open ends

Also, if you want to keep the square ends but do more of a blend than a pure tensile surface, you can use a falloff like this: (61.5 KB)


Oh that falloff option is interesting. Learnt something new today :slight_smile:

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Here’s a slightly improved version that adds a collider to stop it shrinking inside the original volume (69.1 KB)