Generate curves around a circle

Thanx you very much for your respond ! With all of you I am able to create the structure ! Thanx you so much to all !!!

Huge thanx @HS_Kim @wim @seltzdesign @ajarindia


Kim- the great master.

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For sure. Just looking at all his badges on here, he even has the Devotee badge, for when you visit 365 days in a row.

Can we make him a little trophy or something ?! in Grasshopper of course :smiley:

@HS_Kim Let me take this opportunity to also thank you again for all your great answers over the years. I partly owe what I know and achieved in Grasshopper to you. Thanks, dude!


Same here :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: @HS_Kim

I thought it was going to be this simple:

Or along a curve - same code:

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