Generate .3dm files just by launching .gh (8.9 KB)


I am trying to generate .3dm file just by launching .gh

The attached .gh file contains the Launchbox’s ObjectSave component.

  1. After opening attached file, right-click the [path] component connected to [Dir] of the rightmost component.
  2. Then click “Select a directory”. Then select your desktop, for example.
  3. Overwrite the .gh file and close Rhinoceros and grasshopper once.
  4. This will probably generate a .3d file on your desktop (or may not…)
    If a .3dm file is generated, delete it.
  5. Reopen the .gh file you just overwrote
  6. Then, just opening the .gh file will not generate a .3dm file on your desktop.
    In the current state, the .3dm file will not be generated unless I toggle the toggle button.

I want to generate .3dm file just by launching .gh
Because I want to start .gh with a batch file and save the automatically generated .3dm file in another folder.

Does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.