General tolerance issues?

I’ve had some annoying problems recently, and after the last few updates I’ve noticed them more than I used to. This is not really one specific issue, but there are a number of areas where I notice issues.

It seems like booleans have generally gotten worse. There are times where a boolean split or difference won’t work, but if I manually trim the solids with each other and join them, I can still create a closed solid. Of course, booleans have always had some issues, but this has been happening a lot recently.

Today I was trying to cap an open polysurface and it wouldn’t close, but if I create a straight extrusion and trim it where the hole is, I can join and create a closed solid. A similar issue was that I projected a single line straight down in plan (Cplane set to World Top) onto a solid polysurface, which should create a planar curve right? It was a closed curve, and Rhino could tell me that, but when I ran PlanarSrf Rhino was telling me the curve wasn’t a closed planar curve even though it should have been.

There are other examples I can enumerate, but this would be an even longer post, and all of these issues seem to be related, I’m thinking something to do with tolerances perhaps?

I’m using the standard tolerances for the small objects template (inches). The objects I’ve been having issues with aren’t especially large or small—perhaps around 12 inches on average. I’ve tried increasing the tolerances and have had the same issues. Not sure if there is a solution here, but wanted to point this out in hopes that maybe something has just gotten a bit screwy in recent updates and it might be something to pay attention to in future updates.

Hi Jesse -

I can’t say that I’ve noticed an upsurge in Boolean issues, and unless we get a specific file to look at, I don’t think we get very far defining a problem that needs a solution.

testMarkOTEdges command may help - it shows polysurface edges which have loose tolerances. Another possible cause of these problems is that Rhino cannot handle objects which are far away (millions of units) from world origin.

Another thing to consider when changing tolerance is that surface edges need to be rebuilt in order to take the change.