Gem Material tab

I downloaded the gem Nurb collection. It’s not the download though. I have rhino 6 and I am trying to get the gem to render outside of raytraced mode but the gem material tabs do no seem to work. They are always see through to the point where you can barely see them at all. Is there another way to get them to render. How do I fix this? Thank you for your time.( Also I am working on windows not Mac)

Hi -

What is “the gem Nurb collection”?

It’s from a website by Gary Dawson. I cannot seem to get gems in general to show without raytraced mode? Is there a way? It Free CAD Resources for Jewelry Design - Rhino Jewelry CAD

Hi @abbyemalcolm,

This is a consistent issue with Rendered view and transparent materials. Rendered will always show your gem materials as almost invisible. You’ll need to switch to Raytraced view in order to see the materials properly on the gems.

Ah ok. Thank you. Was it fixed in rhino7 do you know?

No, it’s the same in Rhino 7.

Alright Thanks!