Gem Loader Error

Can someone help me out to fix an issue with Gem Loader?

I’m using Rhino5 and Matrix combined on my desk top computer.
It has been working fine until today; however, I get error message when I try to load Diamond cut Round shape Gem from Gem Loader.

The error message says:
Unexpected error in modGemBlock_GetGemBlockInfo 9-Subscript out of range

I can load other gem shapes such as oval, cushion, princess, etc. I don’t have problem with loading Round shape of other cut type such as simple cut, gem cut and cabochon cut.

Because of the error, other functions seem to have problem, too.
Gem On Curve function doesn’t show diamond.
Also, when I bring in Diamond cut Round shape Gem from previous file, Gem Cutter tool and Prongs Adder tool also don’t work. I can plug in the gems into the function, but cutter and prongs don’t show up.

Diamond cut Round Shape Gem is necessary to build most of the rings as well as Gem Cutter tool and Prongs Adder tool.

Does anyone know how I can fix this error?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Sen- you’ll want to contact Matrix support about this -