Problem Arraying shapes along a curve on surface along with gems

I’m trying to array some little shapes to make prong-cutouts for a ring, and no matter what options I click I cannot get them to align normal to the surface as they go, and rotate perpendicular to the center path curve, and maintain proper spacing between the gems. Is there any good consistent predictable way to do this in Rhino5, or even Rhino6? It’s very frustrating having to go back and rotate every little shape in two directions every time someone wants a ring with these types of cut out prongs.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
from Nathan Maurer
CarvedMetal, Corp.


you’ll need one gem stone positioned on the CPlane and the curve on a surface. Then do this:

  1. Start the _ArrayCrvOnSrf command
  2. The object to array is the gem on the CPlane
  3. For the base point, pick the center of the gem, this base point will be at the surface level later
  4. Select the curve on the surface
  5. Select the surface the curve is on
  6. You can now choose either _Divide or _Multiple option from the commandline and the gems array will follow the curve while their z-axis from the CPlane is oriented to the surface normal

Btw. in Rhino 5 you can hit F5 while the command is running and take a look at the example videos in the helpfile. Both options are explained.

It worked! Thank you very very much!