Gaps in geometry after ptPanel3dCustomVariable, already meshed, triangulated, and joined my objects

gaps in geometry

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Did you use a polysurface as a module? How is the module aligning with your grid?
If you can share a sample as a 3dm file, then it will be easier to see what is happening.

forum.3dm (4.9 MB)

I’m still new, I guess they are not polysurfaces anymore after meshing?

No. If you select the geometry, it tells you the type in the command-line. Also you can use “What” command to see the details.
Many times the mesh module works better than a surface, so nothing wrong with that. The problem is usually in the alignment from one cell unit to the next. I’ll look into your model and get back to you.

I hope this image explains the problem and how to fix

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the problem is even if I do a stand up flat triangle I seem to be still getting all those unnecessary lines and points (“T” type joints)

There must be some deformation happening. Are you changing the scale?

I fixed it by using join, very strange

thanks for the help though!

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