Rhino7 ptPanel3DCustomVariable panels

Hi, I have a question about ptPanel3DCustomVariable function.
When I apply ptPanel3DCustomVariable with that three objects, they show me curved lines which are not shown in the objects. I really wish I could apply exact objects which are not curved so that I can unroll. Do I have a problem with base, mesh, or objects?

For the base offset points, I applied
Offset Points-Point Attractor (Away) Min80 Max100
ShuffleGrid-Top Grid Towards Magnitude 1,Bottom Grid Away Magnitude 1

Hi @Eden
I agree that it would be nice to have a “rigid” option. As a workaround, you can explode the “panelized” surfaces, rebuild them all to degree 1 surfaces with just 2 control points and then rejoin.
HTH, Jakob

What happens if you use a mesh module?