When was Galapagos released and my two cents on how it compares to Refinery

Can someone tell me when Galapagos was released? I tried out Autodesk Refinery which is very similar and I’m just wondering how long Galapagos has been out.

A few things that are nice about Refinery is that you can have multiple output targets which saves you having to wire up multiple Galapagos components. And you can select a solution that is non-optimal which might be applicable in architecture where aesthetics might trump performance. And if you don’t like any of the solutions, your initial parameter state is still there. But I find Dynamo less user-friendly than Grasshopper.

Galapagos was released back in 2010 I think. If you’re interested in multi-objective optimization with “explorable” solution space in Grasshopper3D - check out https://www.food4rhino.com/app/wallacei-0 or https://www.food4rhino.com/app/octopus .

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Galapagos has been out for many years. But , there are many other optimization plugins for Grasshopper. So you can choose your strategy:

  1. Design Explorer is optioneering predating Refinery: http://core.thorntontomasetti.com/design-explorer/
  2. Octopus introduces multivariant optimization to Galapagos.https://www.food4rhino.com/app/octopus
  3. Optimus is a new metaheuristic optimization https://www.food4rhino.com/app/optimus
  4. Opposum 2 uses machine learning https://www.food4rhino.com/app/opossum-optimization-solver-surrogate-models
  5. LunchboxML is more machine learning: https://www.google.com/amp/s/provingground.io/2017/08/01/machine-learning-with-lunchboxml/amp/
  6. Goat is another optimization plug-in https://www.rechenraum.com/de/goat.html
  7. NELDER-MEAD OPTIMISATION (EOC) is available here: https://www.food4rhino.com/app/nelder-mead-optimisation-eoc
  8. Topopt is another https://www.food4rhino.com/app/topopt

I am sure I am missing a couple.