Galapagos+Butterfly optimization

I am trying to make an optimization of a part of a project based on the incidence of the wind and the area it occupies. For this I am using Butterfly and Galapagos.
To Galapagos, I am introducing sliders that control the position of some points that make up a curve and then extrude it with other values ​​also controlled by Galapagos (at this point I am not sure that I am using many genomes).

For fitness I introduce the values ​​of the area of ​​the quadrilaterals (A, B, C, D in the attached drawing) that make up the initial polygon and a sum of the length of the vectors resulting from the Butterfly wind analysis.
The problems I think may arise when starting the Galapagos solver is that by entering as a constant all the values ​​that do not form a surface from a polyline, make the fitness landscape level (beginner interpretation) and give up.
On the other hand, I do not know to what extent, this problem can be solved taking into account the duration of the creation of the snappymesh (especially) despite the fact that I do not care that the wind analysis is extremely accurate.
I also attach a photo of the configuration that I am using in galapagos.
¡Thanks a lot for the help!

p9.3dm (14.3 MB) optimización segun (478.4 KB)

Hi - you might want to check the Ladybug Tools forum for answers to your question.
This thread could be a start…


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Hey Wim! It was great! I will search more about the difference between the evolutionary solvers.
Thank you so much :slight_smile: