G-Code for 3D printing

Hello, I have a GH file with the points route for a G-Code File. My problem is that I can’t solve the issue of generate some kind of line and not the brep form of the object that i want to print, I’m working with a Eazao Zero 3D printer, i have the start and end codes inside the file, but i add them in a pdf.
G-Code Eazao Zero.pdf (170.9 KB)

The images are: what i have and what i should have ;(

Gh para còdigo.3dm (298.7 KB)


Thanks a lot

Hello Dario,

You’re going to hate this :rofl:

You forgot to put a Space before your Z Coordinate

So your lines looked like this:
G1 F1200 X1.644177 Y-73.5Z0 E0.126566
instead of like this:
G1 F1200 X1.644177 Y-73.5 Z0 E0.126566

Happy printing!