G-code Tool path to lines

i’m trying to turn 3d printing G-code into lines in rhnio but im struggling with truing the actual data set into lines does anyone know where to start ?

From memory… You can read a text file into a component and then view each line as an item in a data tree

You will then have to filter out all the header and extruder g-code lines and sort the remaining g-code into G0 for rapid traverse, G1 for traverse and there might be arc g-code commands roo.

Then, for all the G1 g-code you will have an XY coordinate with which you can create a point. You can create a polyline between all these points.

You will have to watch for Z moves which could prompt a new polyline.

It will be tricky to do all the sorting of the g-code lines but with the text commands in GH you should be able to turn them into points and then polylines.

Post a snippet of your g-code and someone might be able to help.

I’m not at my pc atm