Fusing various breps together

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if we could fuse various breps together as the following diagrams.



The components look like bubbles and they can interestingly emerge morphological deformation reflecting distance between them.

How can we produce similar morphs in 3d space by using resources of arbitrary breps?

Furthermore, it would be much more interesting morphologically if some sharp corners could be faintly recognized as the following photo. (related to shrinking wrapping)

So it should be something like this.

Some corners drawn by red lines could be recognized somehow

I’m trying to figure it out, and I hope I could get some help here.

I believe the blobs in the GH UI are some sort of metaballs.
For equivalent with meshes in 3d you could look at Dendro or one of the other isosurface plugins (search this forum for isosurface)

For physical shrink wrapping you could look at this:

For SubDs you could try the new Fuse component in GH (now found under the SubD tab in the latest v7 beta)