Fusing Meshes Together


I am working with meshes and I had to edit and fuse different elements together. In particular, I am trying to create some buckles on a plastic border ( I will smooth the mesh later on).

This is the model:

Now the three buckles are lofted meshes and I wanted to join everything together.

Using Leopard, I selected the corresponding pairs of faces on the borders and deleted it
and then I reached my goal constructing delaunay faces into the gaps (I isolated and moved the faces in the image).

All these passages are into the definition here attached.

I reached my objective, but I would like to go further:
Is there a more effective way of fusing different meshes together? I heard that carverino allows booleans…

I also tried Cocoon or MeshMachine in order to have a uniform clean topology, but I didn’t make it.

Can anyone show me how to remesh with these tools? Since my objective is to make booleans unions with bodies, another approach would be concerting into breps, boolean union and then get back to mesh…

I feel confused :confused:

All kinds of support are appreciated!!

Thanks in advance,


fusing-meshes.gh (27.8 KB)