Front Facing Plan Oblique

Hey there,

I was wondering if there was anyway to “cheat” a front-facing plan oblique (such that the projected geometry is at an angle, rather than the actual plan). I can obviously do this by hand, but i was wondering if it is possible to do this from a model.


Yes, it is possible to do from a 3D model. You can, for example, use Shear in the Right view at 45 degrees up, then another 45 degree Shear in Top to create an oblique Front view for printing. You could also use Scale1D by 1/2 on the model in the Y axis before the shear operations to create a “cabinet oblique” (foreshortened).

Certainly, these transformations render the 3D model unusable for normal purposes, so I would only do this on a copy of the file.

A plan oblique orients the plan or horizontal view parallel to the picture plane, which allows the plan view to be represented in true scale. This plane is typically rotated off of 90° so that more than one plane can be depicted in the same drawing.