From splineline to polyline

i need this production after dupface as a polyline not as a spline.
Can someone help me please?

Support (22.6 KB)

What do you mean by that? You need your curve as a Polyline? Why you need for such thing that will produce a geometry has bad quality? Anyway that’s simple.

Support (22.7 KB)

Your first way was right but if i bake the produktion the body is after a dupface a spline but not a curve. Our CNC maschine needs a curve when i produce a dxf transfer. Do you know what i mean?

Okay. That is your machine problem you should take care of. So, does this posting that I’ve uploaded satisfy your requirements?

No, because i can not understand that it comes out a spline out of this body after a dupface. Because normaly in rhino it would be a closed line with less points, so i need normaly a closed line with curves and no spline do you understand?:persevere:

Why not just rebuild that manually? looks like a simple shape

I don´t know how it works… but is there no chance to change it in grasshopper?

your autocad export settings need to be adjusted most likely.

Similar but perhaps not exactly like this…

Workflow is dependent on your final outcome and tolerances. If you post a similar and correct dxf/dwg you might get additional help.