From rhino dimension to GH text output :"dimension text" property

I need to get the properties from rhino dimension and get a text output in grasshopper. Properties are measurement, dimension text, object name, ecc…
I’m looking for solutions. Any idea? Any plugins? (Human, RhinoInside for gh, elefront)?

Rhino 8 has a bunch of new components for accessing dimension styles, etc. Perhaps you could start there? Rhino 8 Feature: Annotations and Hatches in GH1

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Thanks, Andy.
This seems great for my work.

  1. I did not understand if it is possible then to extract text from native rhino dimensions as text?
  2. In the options for dimensions, are there also fields for tolerances? I would need so much to manage and process the measurement text/number from rhino dimensions on grasshopper and also to extract detailed reports in (excel) for quality checks during production by CNC operators (with tolerances).

Thanks! solution!

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I would like to report that I have difficulty in selecting multiple linear dimensions.
Will this option be fixed?
in short it lets me select multiple dimensions but only returns the data of the first one copied for the number of dimensions selected.

I can only overcome the problem by extracting the input parameter and create a copy for each dimension and merge them into the component.
But I find it difficult to find a solution for 50+ different dimensions. any advice?

Hmm. This could be a bug. Can you provide an example definition that I could look at?

wrong output when set multiple (8.0 KB)
wrong output when set multiple dimensions.3dm (134.5 KB)
Like this?
I noticed a error also when copy and paste any component with linear dimensions inside. Please see the image.
error when copy and paste the component.
I’m available for any clarification.

Ok. I think there’s some confusion here. I think if you want to bring an object into Rhino with it’s attributes, I would recommend using the Query Model Object component. This basically searches the Rhino document and pulls in any object that Grasshopper knows about. If you right-click on this component and select, “Show All Parameters” then it will also break out each object by its type (see below). Once you have the dimension referenced into Rhino, you can simply cast it to a number (using a standard number parameter). This should give you the numeric value you’re looking for. Does this make sense?

It looks like in the definition that you posted that you were trying to get access to the Text Override output parameter from the Linear Dimension. This will just return the text expression that you provide if you decide to override the dimension number property… but I don’t think this will give you what you were actually looking for. Please see the image above and let me know if this makes sense.

Good morning Mr. Andy,
I still report some difficulties in selecting dimensions and exporting/managing dimension values. In this case my focus is on how to select all dimensions (other than linear or aligned) for example angle dimension or radius and export the properties as text and tolerance.
I leave a case study with some annotations:
Thanks again for all previous help.
annotation export csv pipe separator.3dm (1.1 MB)
annotation export csv comma (19.2 KB)
The main problem remains selecting multiple dimensions at the same time easily and without the loss of data or data being replaced when selected more than one at a time.

angular dims, radius dims, ecc like invalid model object!

I’m not seeing that here on my end. Could you possibly upload an example file that we could take a look at?

invalid (5.4 KB)
invalid dim.3dm (137.7 KB)

Days ago I tried to export to csv the text property (about dimensions in page layout). I got it for linear dimensions. Not for angular and radius.

Again. This appears to work on my end. Are you sure you’ve updated your Rhino WIP to the latest service release?