Frieze modeling

Hi everyone. I want to model an embossed frieze like sample photo for 3D printing. I’m a Rhino and Clayoo user.
1- Which software is good for modeling from beginning and whichone for using a refrence photo?
By the way I know many 2D softwares like CorelDraw, Illustrator and CAD.
2- Is this apps are useful for modeling these types or their guideline? Need a complete advice…
Thanks beforehand🙏


Hi @Meysam_Ebrahimi,

I’m not a designer but I think you can try using ClayEmbossRasterToVector to extract the curves of the image and then use ClayEmboss to generate the geometry (maybe later use ClayAppend to generate a smooth mesh over the embossed one with some retopology). Let me know if that works for you.

@Xavi_Marrodan not here this week but he should be able to help next week.


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I’ll try. Thanks :heart: