Friction in the movement of points

Is there a component in kangaroo with a goal to simulate the frictional force for a set of moving points?

I’ve a few moving points in the x-y plane, Is there is a goal to simulate the frictional force on the points based upon their velocity.

Hi @imruphan,

You could simply calculate the friction vector that corresponds to the reversed velocity vector of each moving point, and use a Load component as a goal.

Yes that’s exactly what I want to do, but the points are moving due to an existing force and how to find the velocity of them at a particular instance?

Hi @imruphan,
Can you give a bit more context about what you want to do?
It might be possible to use the PlasticAnchor goal here. This can act like friction in all directions, not just on a particular plane. If you know already the points are always staying on the plane though, it could work.
Otherwise I can share a custom floor friction goal. Do you need static or just dynamic friction?

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I’ve few points which experience a force based on the distance between them. I need a counter force like a friction goal for this. I guess the dynamic custom floor friction goal would work.

Here’s what I mean with the plastic anchor: (13.9 KB)