Freelance 3D modeling job for someone with a maritime background

For the 3D modeling of five large vessels for presentational purposes, we are looking for a 3D modeler. The 3D hull shapes will be available and you have to model the superstructure, deck equipment etc. from a GA and photo’s.
As the 3D model will not be used for photorealistic renderings, the 3D modeling doesn’t need to be highly detailed but has to give an attractive and recognizable representation of the real vessels. Part of the purpose for these 3D models is designing deck loads, so the 3D model has to be accurate in size.
We have reference vessels available from the same client of which you can recycle several objects.
What is important is that you have significant maritime 3D modeling experience.
When you are interested in the job, please send an email in which you tell more about:

  • Yourself

  • One or more maritime 3D modeling jobs that you did including some screenshots or renderings

  • Your hourly rate

  • When can you start the job?

  • How many hours per week can you work on this job?

  • Can you communicate in English or Dutch language?

Please send your email to

When I think that you are suited for the job, I’d like to have a video call to meet each other.

At RhinoCentre we work a lot for the maritime industry worldwide with Rhino training and modeling jobs for example. I am trained as a naval architect with a specialism in hull modeling and fairing.

Thank you in advance.

Gerard Petersen

This 3D print on the photo is just one of the many jobs we did for our clients. In this case a 3D print of the Boka Vanguard with the Costa Concordia for Boskalis/Dockwise.


Hello Gerard,
You can get info about my experience at:

My hourly for CAD modeling is 15$/ hour
I know I am writing quite long after your add here has been published, but I will state I am quite accurate and fast in this job so hope there is a way I can be hired.

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Hello Gerard,

I sent you an email, I know you posted was long time ago but maybe you are still looking for some help. I attached you some words about myself, CV, small model and 3D printing portfolio. I work 3 years in Rhino, anything is possieble to model.

Best regards,

Hello Gerard,
Is this job still to be done?