Free marine design-related models in 3DM/STEP/IGES or other CAD formats

Hi Rhino Community,
Do any of you who works in naval/marine design/engineering know where can I find free downloadable naval/marine architecture /engineering 3D models in 3DM, STEP, IGES or other CAD formats (can be opened and modified within Rhino 7) that keep the original size of geometry of 3D solids/surfaces?

I know about Grabcad for full ship models (that are empty in the inside, or deliberately missing crucial parts), and 3dfindit (ex-Tracepartsonline 3D) for some real-world commercial components for marine applications, but I’m currently searching for full ship models to learn more about ship designing and shipbuilding using Rhino 3D.

I’d be also very grateful as a newbie in naval engineering, if somebody could share a full 3D ship model that contains everything in it, (not only exploded polysurfaces of outer geometry of simplified hull and superstructure) that I could already find on the web that does not help me to learn more about internal configurations, structures, machinery, and the pro way of organizing a Rhino 3D model in the naval profession etc… Thank you in advance for your help.