Free trial ended before saves were up

I’m a Arch. Student at UIC and I was using the trial version with the limited amount of saves. I had to refresh my computer due to tech issues and the program was deleted I went to reinstall the program and it said that my trial period had expired even though I only used about 5 saves. Any help on how to get the trial back would be appreciate, also all the work I saved previously was deleted. I have windows 8 by the way.

As a student, you can buy a full version for $138 at novedge educational software. If you’ve never bought educational software, its a 100% full version intended to help students learn, and they sell a lot of other stuff as well.

At the (overpriced) school where I teach, that’s the cost of tuition between lunch and dinner … on one day of the semester. 3D is such an important tool, you should definitely own it.

I don’t know how that can happen, when the trial version expires it does not delete any Rhino files. There must be another problem somewhere.


I think the key information her is “refresh my computer and the program was deleted”

Rhino’s evaluation code includes safeguards to ensure that someone isn’t trying to game the system, and I imagine that looked very much like an attempt to fool Rhino into a longer eval.

My guess is that the files were lost for the same reason the program was.

More detailed information would help. What do you mean by “refresh”? Did you format the disk?