Free 3D models library

Hi there,

I was wondering if you guys can suggest free 3D model libraries where I can browse figures and vehicles for 3D printing.

I am already aware of Thigiverse and Turbosquid, I would like to know if there’s anything else that I am missing.

Thank you

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Hi @francescatesei
Im not sure what you mean by “figures and vehicles” - those are broad descriptions, but here’s a few more websites to check out:

The last one is an overview of 50 sites to get both free and paid models from.
HTH, Jakob

There is grabcad too.-Mark

Thanks a lot Normand! I’ll check those out!
Specifically, I need a snow cat and a man with a hoodie.
Hopefully i’ll find them there

I’ll check it out! thanks

Sketchfab has a lot of character/creature/vehicle models. Not all are free, and many are only in .blend or .fbx format, but also a lot as .obj