Model download

Hello everyone. I am searching for a website where rhino models would be already made and you could download it. For example: I want to print a mini car model but to this day I lack skill to do it on my own. There must be a website where people post their projects and anyone can download.

Thanks for answers

GrabCAD has a lot of models. They are not native Rhino format, but that’s why translators exist. You will find lots of STEP, iges, SolidWorks etc.

Hi @user3004
3D Warehouse has some 79.000+ models, ranging from plants to cars and entire buildings; all in skp format, which will easily import into Rhino. The quality ranges from lousy to great, and most will probably require quite some work before they are ready for printing (same goes for Grabcad). There’s also if you are looking for things to 3D print. And speaking of things: by MakerBot is also a great place to look.

thank you guys