Fractal Tree along curve

I have managed to create curve network from the closest point. The problem is I can’t find any example to create a controllable fractal tree that grow along the curve. The tree need to grow until it reach a point of the closest point that the line pointed at, and since the curve have a lot of lines connected to the same point. So, the branches need to share the same trunk. Is there any idea ? (29.8 KB)

I was curious to look at the script as I didn’t understand what you want to do. But it is worse !! Data is coming from your file, as I am not NSA, nor hacker … It is difficult to understand what you want.
Can you make some sketch ?
Did you search on old forum ?

There are tons of fractals things

Yes, I did search the old forum as well but couldn’t find anything related to it. I want to archive something like the picture below but extend it a bit further

The 1st file go to the top one and the 2nd go to the buttom. Sorry, for unclear description by the way.

1_2files.rar (190 Bytes)