Fractal patterns for triangulated façade?

Continuing the discussion from Tutorial/guidance for triangulated façade:

Is there a way to further morph this definition from @Quan_Li to make it less symmetrical in the x, y, and z and instead make it more fractured?

Such as this reference image imagined by Midjourney.

By fractured/fractals, I refer to all the smaller triangles paired with larger triangles on the same vertical strips. It does not need to be manually deformed, as we were urging in the original thread, but can continue to be randomly generated/jittered, as Quan Li’s script for the panels already does.

to get something like this maybe you could first panel a surface into bigger triangles and apply a strong noise to their vertexes along Y axis, to produce a main shape

at that point you could subdivide each triangle into smaller ones, and apply a second layer of noise with lower amplitude to their vertexes (maybe this second noise in random XYZ direction?)

if you work with meshes you can sort of easily subdivide each panel with weavebird, I think you’ll have to create the “big triangless” mesh, apply the first layer of noise and explode it into single triangular meshes, divide each triangle into small ones with WB loop subdivision, and re-join all of them together to apply the second layer of noise

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Thank you! I will give this a shot today on an existing script.