Fox Plugin - Using the ID tags to aid assembly

This requires that you have the FOX plugin installed.

I am trying to figure out how to use the ID Tags output of the Tile Transformations In A Volume component to aid assembly.

I can see that the ID Tags are related to each branch of tags and each Tile’s connection slots but I can’t figure out how to match the data trees together in a way that I could then Apply text ID tags to each Tile.

It looks like the ID Tag data could be used to identify each slot on each tile and ID each Tile and maybe some more info to show which Tile each Tile should be connected to. I’m thinking this could be laser etched on each tile during cutting.

I can’t create a file that is just the data to be manipulated unfortunately because the Fox datatype is a “Tile”. This bakes as a mesh but I can’t internalise it as a mesh data type so you will need the Fox plugin to help. (14.8 KB)