Deciphering IDs in Fox plugin?

I’m playing around with the Fox plugin and I would like to number the joints so it’s easier to assemble. The Tile T Vol component outputs IDs which I’m hoping will tell me how the tiles are connected but I can’t figure out the coding scheme.

I think I figured it out. When you have multiple parts in the tile it complicates things.


In the IDs panel there is a branch for each part but the second one is a duplicate of the first so you can ignore it. After a certain number of iterations some items in the 2nd branch are different to their counterpart in the first. I’m not sure why that is. The joints are in the same order you connected them to the Create Tile component. The 2 parts are treated as a set in the numbering system. Below is line 1 of the IDs panel:

0 1 B

Part set #0 (red) is connected to part set #1 (purple) via joint B. You can work out the individual part from the joint i.e. if it’s joint C it’s part 0 and if it’s joint B it’s part 1.

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Hi, @Petras_Vestartas (Plugin Developer)