Help needed on Fabrication Tags + Layout automatization

Hello :)))

For an ongoing project, I am working with wood chunks and I am about to start the fabrication. The thing is, no robot neither a fancy machine. I will be cutting the wood (45 x 45 in section) by a simple chainsaw.

In this project, I have a bunch of columns (designed through the central fiber), and each column is made of a number of chunks.

As I will be cutting the wood my self, I need to make a nesting on standard 3650mm wood, make the markings for the cuts, and then, be able to sort which chunk belongs to which column. Also, I have sorted the chunks and theirs joints through Z, in order to know the position of each chunk/Joint in each column.

1st Problem:
My most urgent need ( and somehow I failed to solve) is actually to rearrange the Tags in order to follow the direction of each chunk. As you can see in the following image, some Tag are perfectly parallel to the chunks, others are diagonal or perpendicular.

The aim is to be able to get Data like this for each Column, extracted on an A4.

Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 18.13.23

I attached the GH file with 3 internalized curves. Any hint is more than welcome ! I worked the data in order to be able to bake each chunk geometry , the column it belongs to and its two joints number all grouped as one object.

2nd problem / Looking for recommendation :
Is there a way to automize GH to generate and export to a folder an A4 containing an elevation preview of each column, and bellow it, the chunks unrolled (like shown above) and perfectly horizontal. Additionally, adding a DimAligned to the edges. Is this operation doable by Gh or would I need a RhinoPython script for it ?

As I have about 100 columns, it would be painful exporting elevations one by one, organizing the chunks horizontally, make their AlignedDim and exports an A4 for each one.

Thank’s a lot for looking into this. And if there is something I am missing that may cause trouble in my fabrication/assembly chain later, or if there are any comment to make this smarter/effort and time saving, please feel free to share your experience.

Regards ! (32.0 KB)

The Gh definition might contain some PufferFish components. It does contain the TEXT component from FOX plugin ( as it generates text as curves).

Hello @ajarindia
The component is from FOX plugin. You can find it here

construct a plane to host the text, might as well do this in XY, which means you will have several representations that need to be synced if things changed. This is typically achieved using UserText, which several plugins can help you transfer to Rhino – Elefront, Human being the popular ones.

Probably best to pose more precise questions individually.