For all 3DCONNEXION users

Some time ago I have bought myself CadMouse Compact Wireless and I was heavily disappointed since.
Cursor was jumping and scroll was working like a madman. I thought it was a driver issues and it drove me nuts.
I called tech support and I learned that there is a part of their hardware (not limited to the mouse) malfunctioning from the start and they are replacing it for free.
You won’t read it on their webpage but the tech admits it and is replacing items without questioning much, and free of charge.
Should any of you experience similar problems, you know what to do now.


@Piotr Does ur CadMouse have the problem with not locking the horizon in RH7?

EDIT: FYI my specific Horizon problem I posted here was solved:

No, not such thing, but my double click isn’t working very well in Grasshopper. Slightly disappointing for such expensive product. The best mouse I ever had was (and still is) Logitech MX Anywhere, compact version.