Fonts as squares, grasshopper zoom issue

i’m using grasshoper to draw the system fonts with their own names as text
in control panel the font has its draw but rhino pusts squares instead

Also when start grasshopper , with the drawing empty, i can zoom extents but the cp origin to the left as if i where ran the component

Have you tried this in Rhino 6?

Sorry, I don’t understand this one.

i have not triend in rh 6

when i start grasshopper with the components in the image , with the drawing empty, if i do zoom extents ends with

. It is suposed to do nothig,

I don’t have the Noto Naskh Arabic font on my system. If you make a text item in Rhino 5 (not using Grasshopper at all), do the letters also appear as squares?

No, that will zoom to the extends of the Grasshopper geometry in the Rhino viewport, even if this geometry is set to not be visible. At least, that is the way it appears to be in GH1, not sure if @DavidRutten has plans for that in GH2.

ok even if the component result is set to not visible (preview disabled).
I just experimented by closing the grasshopper document and now No se puede aplicar el zoom a algunas vistas, no hay objetos visibles. printed as expected

[quote=“wim, post:4, topic:75409”]
Noto Naskh Arabic
[/quote]. there are many fonts

Noto Naskh Arabic is a font with eastern glyphos. There must be many fonts that also render squares

With my question, I’m trying to find out if this is a Grasshopper thing or a Rhino thing. So, again, if you make text using one of these fonts in plain Rhino, do the letters also appear as squares?

Is a Windows problem. It displays well in control panel but in libreoffice notepad++ , Krita etc renders default font.
And in Rhino squares

Is it possible for you to try this in Rhino 6? @lowell probably knows more about this, but there have been many changes to font handling in Rhino 6.

In rhino 6 draws a standard font . Only chraracter map is displaying the fons (i can copy-paste individual char only) ,I just wanted to draw some exotic character , soap and so …

From your description and picture, I don’t know if you are saying that everything is fine in Rhino 6 or not.

except font sizes (they are each the size it want in rhino v6) this works better than v5. for all fonts i tested rhino v6 gets the “fallback font” instead of squares