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getting there (50.8 KB)

What would be the best was to open and close these umbrella-like structures that are controlled by the sun or an attractor point? I want the initial point to stay at the same height but need the scale NU x and y to change I think but cannot quite manage to do that with an attractor, if anyone cant point a finger in the right direction it is much appreciated

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Hello @w1743763,

That’s totally up to you! Here’s an example with a curve attractor. Umbrellas close to the curve are more closed than others that a further away. This behavior can also be quite easily inverted.

2020-11-22 19-50-34.2020-11-22 19_52_55

In my example, the rod lengths stay constant. The trick is to rotate each individual edge, rather then scaling them non-uniformly.

2020-11-22 19-58-35.2020-11-22 20_00_35
(This is also animated! Click it, if it doesn’t auto-play.)

Hope this helps! And for the future, please don’t create more than one thread for the same thing. :wink:

getting there att (26.5 KB)


This is so great thank you so much and thanks to everyone helping me! I am so close to getting where I want to be with the script, the last thing I am trying to do is apply this to a non-planar surface, to line up with a different script.

I just need each “umbrella” to rotate not on the z-axis but according to the center curve. As noted on the script, MCneel forum (187.4 KB)