Folded & unfolded refence in Rhino

I’m trying to design a computer case similar to the Inwin S-Frame

The design is made from a single sheet of folded Aluminum. In Rhino I’d like to draw up the sheet unfolded and have a 2nd folded version next to it.

Is there any way to link the flat 2D sheet to the 3D folded one so that I can edit one to change the other. It’ll help me design it correctly.

I’m afraid I do not see a good way to do this.


Thanks for the honesty. Is there a more manual way to achieve this accurately? Or possibly a way to do it in blender / grasshopper?

GH might have something - definitely worth a look - Rhino might have a workaound as well, but I am not coming up with it.


Here is an add-on to Rhino for Windows that might do a flatten with history or possibly some version of that:
Check it out at ExactFlat
Mary Fugier