Folded Plate tutorial from youtube

Hi everyone

Has anyone done this tutorial from Youtube: ?

I followed it but I encounter a problem at the end: My x direction array only works for round number (I changed the rounding for floating point numbers). So I can array it 7 or 8 times but not 7.5?

E.g let’s say the rectangles were 200x200 and I wanted the total length to be 1500mm, which would be achieved by arraying them 7.5 times, but it doesn’t seem to be the option?Folded plate test.3dm (70.2 KB) Folded plate (19.1 KB)

Your rectangle size is 200, so the total unfold length should be an integer multiple of the unit length.
The 7.5 times you want is not an integer multiple, so IMO, it’s simply not a logical requirement.

Ah yes I thought this might be the case, thanks anyway