Foil assistant, export CSV file

It would be great to be able to export/import the foil assistant parameters from a Rhino file to another Rhino file.
By now, you can just import, right ?

The Foil Assistant Import feature is there to allow you to import the 2D foil offsets for any foils beyond the ones that we have included by default. The Import feature doesn’t let you import the parameters for a particular 3D foil that you have created by entering the planform shape, etc. Importing and Exporting that data for a specific 3D foil would be an entirely new feature. I will add that to our development list.

and save also in the Rhino file the last parameters used in the foil assistant.
By now, if you closed the Rhino file and want to modify the last Orca foil (by creating a new one), you have to type at new all parameters (if you did not written down these … :unamused:)