I am trialing the Orca3d plugin with Rhino 5 and I am trying to use the DevHullAssistant. I was reading through the help file but it appears to have different options than I have available to me. When I open the assistant it has the same options as the planing hull assistant, not the ones described in the help file. I am interested in using it to model aluminum planing hulls so I can export the shapes to DXF for cnc cutting.

The developable hull assistant that you are referring to is part of the Orca3D WIP version. You can find that on our website under Download > Work-in-Progress. Let us know if you have any trouble installing it.

Hi Larry

Quick question, how can I strip out all ORCA data from a file? I had a file from another source with lots of Orca data that is causing problems and I’m getting lots of messages. I had a crash and I opened my AutoSave file and eveything looks OK but I can’t Save As because I’m getting Orca ‘failed to write’ messages and now it is AutoSaving just about every time I do any command!

Hi Jody,
If you do a Save As, and check the “Save Geometry Only” box, the Orca3D data will be stripped off. Let us know if this doesn’t solve the problem for you.

Hi Bruce I knew about that little trick but didn’t want to try it because I would lose all my rendering plug-in material assignments. It worked a lot better that I just turned all the geometry I wanted on copied it and then pasted it into a new instance of rhino.

That seem to do the trick without trashing all my other plug and data. Thanks for your reply I got it under control now everything is working great.