A very new user( and fairly new to CAd) question re parameters and Excel


Sorry in advance for any misuse of terminology.

I work for a sofa manufacturing company that uses DC3D by Lectra. In the software I am able to import/export parameter names to excel in order to store positions and dimensions of my points that drive the splines. Is this possible in Rhino?

Many thanks in advance

Hi Rac,

Short answer: Yes it is possible to import/export list of points in Rhino.

Long answer:
Can you elaborate on your desired workflow, the more specific the better.

Rhino has a very powerful set of tools to import/export data.
Apart from a long list of 2D/3D files Rhino can import/export there are various tools to customize your exports.
Grasshopper3D is a free plugin that can interactively link to excel.
Rhino also offers linkage through various coding languages that create virtually unlimited options to handle and manipulate (external) data.

I can imaging that in your workflow you can create (or let create) a set of specific tools to customize Rhino for your needs.

Hope this helps

@margaret On the website I could not find a list with all I/O formats only here did I find it

Thank you for your prompt response.

I am very new to CAD (1 year) but I will try to explain as best I can.

In DC3D I have been able to convert my envelopes from one type of sofa to another, by importing and exporting parameter names and their values to and from an Excel document. For example, if I constrain a point that drives a spline for a particular envelope, I can give that constraint a name i.e P1Y and export the value and the name. By doing that I can build myself a library of different Sofa envelopes, whole sofas or sections, for future use. Does this make sense? Thanks

There is a list in the Help. Search for File I/O.