Focusing on learning Windows or Mac Rhino

I’m recently getting into Rhino and trying out both versions thanks to dual boot (which I’m only doing for Rhino right now), but I’m trying to focus on one of the other since their interfaces are so different. I’m interested in primarily using Grasshopper to combine data & sensors with industrial design (happy to work in C# and Python).

Would you recommend focusing on Windows Rhino or Mac Rhino?

I’ve looked at the feature comparison and the plugins, but I was curious about the perspective of Grasshopper users

my 2 pennies, learn the command line. it may seem archaic but it speeds things up a lot. in fact that’s one of Rhino’s strong points imo. if you learn entering commands it won’t matter what version you use, you’ll be able to jump back and forth. i use a pc for work and mac at home for personal stuff.