Focal Blur not working

happens on any new file

well it seems resolved i was now testing many things in the new beta and most of the issues seemed cleared, but some sort of feedback would be helpful.

What feedback are you looking for regarding focal blur?

that its working again, or being looked at etc, i did not test wip8 for a long time because of these issues

I guess this thread got missed. It was fixed actually the day you mentioned it apparently RH-76044 Focal blur fails, but reported already way before that.

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thanks Nathan, i figured you are under pressure implementing the fine new cycles etc. so i did not bump anything here.

cycles by the way works really nice, so fast a real joy to render! a few things look slightly different but i was not sure if these were rendered correct before so i guess its ok for now.

I’m glad you like it. Still enough to fix though.

its getting there!

ehm from what i see is that this was actually fixed a month after i reported it so i am a bit confused here, it seems that pascal went ahead and made a report by himself. whatever… that is what i mean a little feed back is missing in general from everybody recently… ok everybody is stressed out whatever…

Sorry, yes. I can’t count. July is 7th not 8th month :slight_smile:

no worries :wink: