FluidRay RT 1.0 real-time renderer released

FluidRay RT 1.0 Final is now available, you can get it here.
FluidRay RT is one of the fastest unbiased renderers on the market. It’s completely CPU based (using Intel Embree ray tracing kernels), and incorporates advanced features such as Bidirectional Path Tracing, Metropolis Sampling and Spectral Rendering and it comes with direct Rhino import.

New improvements in this release:

  • Extensive documentation accessible through the help menu
  • Node Reference (Right click on the nodes -> NodeReference)
  • Updated getting started guide
  • The library has been expanded with a ton of new textures and materials
  • Texture Multiply
  • Sort items lexicographically in the menu add
  • Added min-max parameters in the procedural textures Fbm, Turbolence and Windy
  • Circle procedural texture
  • Fixed materials showing the wrong connections
  • Fixed a lot of bugs causing crashes
  • Speed improvements
  • Improved selection quality
  • Improved antialiasing quality
  • Improved path trace integrator, reducing fireflies and improving convergence