FluidRay RT 1.1.2 real-time renderer released

We just released FluidRay RT 1.1.2, you can get it here.

In this release:

  • Integration plugins are automatically installed when installing Fluidray
  • Improved interactivity of Sun& Sky Environment
  • Cameras are now exported while in integration mode
  • Better window layout while in integration mode
  • Better Drag & DropClearer interface in the Attribute Editor
  • Speed improvements and bug fixesColor input is now in the range 0-255
  • Added SketchUp import on Mac
  • Improved interface in integration mode

Visit FluidRay.com to learn more and try a Free 15-Day Trial.

Has anyone given this a try? If you have, can you post some images and your comments?

Yes, I have been playing off and on since 0.96 release. Thèse have been done on the OSX version, but I have just set up a Windows version to try Rhino intégration. I am happy with results and I am in the process of doing a comparaison with Flamingo, our standard everyday rendrer.

A few test renders for a bracelet idea. Thèse are just material tests.

I am hoping to spend more time with this program, it has potential.