FluidRay RT real-time renderer for Rhino v.1.1.1 released

We just released FluidRay RT 1.1.1. You can find it here

In this version:

  • Fixed a bug causing some freezes in the Rhino integration plugin
  • Improved convergence speed and reduced fireflies
  • Possibility to import multiple textures to the library at once
  • Possibility to import multiple HDRI environment maps to the library at once


Please anyone that has tried this what is your feedback. I downloaded the free trial but hesitate trying it as I am happy with Brazil. I read about Fluidray RT and it seems like something we all can use.

All my best … Danny

Hi @lopacki, I have been using FluidRay since 0.9.5 and have had great results. I must say most of my usage has been with Rhino OSX & FRay OSX, though. I have just transferred my Mac copy to a new Windows machine.

I haven’t had a lot of time, work thing, to use the new integrated Rhino plugin, but from the video it lots like it can help a lot. I am hoping to get back to rendering this month.

At work we normally use Flamingo on a shared Windows computer to do sample renders of our products. I design jewellery and renders have to be approved for samples to be made. This is a real-life production work scenario. I do like the work-flow of FluidRay as opposed to Flamingo / Brazil. Though I wish work had purchased Brazil and not Flamingo.

IHTH … Randy

Thank you for this information. I hope a few others have something to say.

All my best … Danny