FluidRay Render

Hi! Everyone
I just upgraded to Rhino v7. (Used to render with Brazil) I still need a better renderer. (or maybe I am not yet familiar with Rhino render)
I saw a recommendation about FluidRay.
Do it have a quality like Keyshot or V-Ray. Is it better than the Rhino renderer?
Thanks in advance

Haven’t heard of FluidRay before, but some other solutions apart from the two you already mentioned: Bella, Maverick, Octane. Then there are the likes of Twinmotion (Unreal) and Enscape. No doubt there are more than just these.

I just browsed through their gallery and really like the look but the subscription only was a turnoff to me. I'll stick with Octane or Thea for now. Try the 10 free trial and let us know how it works for you.

I would ask me, which engine has a good plugin and a wide user base. I use V-Ray daily over the whole day and for me there is no alternative - super plugin, great output quality, fast, solid, a lot of features and a continuous development. V-Ray is the allrounder I need.

I was always happy with Octane for my work which is mostly marine design. To show cutaways in the hull to show the interiors I switched to Thea which uses Rhino clipping planes which Octane wouldn’t at the time. But since starting to use Rhino7 a couple of weeks ago I have really made progress with the Cycles rendering within R7 and have been going back about 8 years to an old model and comparing the results. I really don’t like switching materials from proprietary Octane and Thea formats and it seems the universal nature of PBR materials makes a lot of sense. Water reflections and environments are a big part of what makes a yacht rendering look good and with Nathan’s post about ‘Raft on Water’ a couple of days ago I think I am doing something right. Hot off the Cycles press;


Fluidray use intel embree render, it is fast but the quality is low than Vray or Maxwell or Keyshot

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